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In advance God's Final Call and Warning, Inc. wants to thank you/your business for your valuable time, patient consideration, and sacrificial support. For the record this communication is not random or inadvertent, rather it is a solid and beneficial part of destiny. It is heaven ordained and divinely ordered. At this point in the evolution of all things it has been appointed by Infinite Intelligence that we cooperate in the worldwide vision and mission of God's Final Call and Warning, Inc. We will together touch the entire world with the blessing of moral enlightenment and eternal hope.

The vision and mission of God's Final Call and Warning, Inc., is making disciples, publishing literature, and producing tapes and CD's of pure moral light and life, and distributing these gems to "every nation, kindred, tongue, and people" Revelation 14:6. Also we are working to establish TV and radio broadcast which spread the Word of life. At the same time, we personally minister in a different state/country every month. Our web site is a constant witness worldwide seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

Presently, we are small, and are engaged locally in the United States physically feeding and clothing the less fortunate. Further, and more importantly, we feed and enlighten the mental and spiritual sphere of all humanity. We need your large financial donations and on-going support to forward the vision and mission of God's Final Call and Warning, Inc, which includes the following:

§ To establish a very large in-house network source containing large volumes of written and audio Biblical principles accessible via the Internet. This alone will make us global.
§ To prepare and mass-produce literature, tapes, and CD's of the highest Biblically pure moral standards. This material will be mass distributed on every continent and in every country by devoted disciples to this uplifting cause.

The world needs a pure message and an exemplary example. We can in God's hand and power fulfill this desperate global need. Anything less than an international effort is insufficient. The whole world is in dire need! We realize that we cannot convert the entire world, or make every nation under heaven moralist, but we can make a worldwide impact, the waves and fruit of which will be felt for countless generations yet to come. We together can turn the current of life for millions/billions into the veins of a positive, humanitarian, and blessed life style.

Some continents/countries are of such social and financial status in general, that a large majority of its inhabitants are equipped to give donations in support of our services and efforts. These we will request and allow to do so. However, there unfortunately are other continents/countries, where turmoil, poverty, and reality in general make it next to impossible for the large majority to give any contribution. This is additionally where we need unparalleled financial support.

We here at God's Final Call and Warning, Inc. have one vision and mission. We have one goal, purpose and objective. We have one mind, and one heart, and one spirit. This is to uplift declining humanity. No one at God's Final Call and Warning, Inc. presently receives a salary. Rather, we all live and practice self-sacrifice for the good of humanity. When future demands commands fulltime laborers, we will be fair, but pay only enough to subsist, for our goal in life and reason for living is to perform God's will through blessing, helping, and serving humanity. We look for great riches and splendid comfort and pleasure, not now, but when God grants us our eternal reward. We work for the eternal future, not the gains of temporary riches, comforts and pleasures. In living this way there is internal contentment, joy, peace, and a strong certainty of an eternal hope and future. Together, we will inspire millions/billions with this humanitarian living eternal hope!!!

Please, kindly respond to our solicitation request. An initial donation of $1 - $10 - $100 -$1,000 - $10,000 - $100,000 - $1,000,000, etc. is sincerely and earnestly requested and needed. Further we want to establish an on-going systematic arrangement of receiving support from you/your business. Please contact us and inform us of your wise, kind, and generous decision and arrangements. Remember, though this is a humanitarian charitable action and blessing, it is equally a very wise business transaction. Because of our tax-exempt status with the IRS and the State of Maryland, your response is humanitarian, very profitable and tex-exempt. It is a win-win situation and transaction.

May God move your spirit and heart to yoke up with God's Final Call and Warning, Inc. in this needed and great humanitarian and uplifting moral character mission for the eternal benefit of all the earth.

In the Infinite Spirit,

Ralph J. Rhyne


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GFCW Reaching the World - Donate NOW!  All major credit cards accepted - click on the "Donate" button below

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