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The Faith of Jesus 

They That Keep the Faith of Jesus

     In this the final moments of probationary time for mankind, there are two characteristics of those who by constancy and enduring patience are counted victors.  In the revelation of Jesus Christ chapter 14 verse 12 they are revealed as, "they that keep the commandments of God," and secondly, "they that keep or have the faith of Jesus."  The two are inseparable!  For it is only by the power that comes through the faith of Jesus that souls are enabled to keep the commandments of God in spirit and in truth.

     Beloved understand that it is only the knowledge, power, spirit, love and faith that comes from God that leads to God.  The faith that the saved have in Jesus can only be the faith of Jesus.  Christ is the source and personification of the faith that saves.  The inspired word informs us in Rom. 10:17, "Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God."  We submit to all, that the scriptures is not just merely speaking of the written word, but rather it is speaking of the personification of the written word-the Living Word.  Jesus, by his spirit gives to us the gift of "the faith of Jesus."  There is only one faith that will save, and it is nothing other than the Faith of Jesus.  Jesus living within the soul temple is the only concrete way to possess the Faith of Jesus.  If one truly has Jesus, then does one truly have the faith of Jesus.  This is why the inspired word declares, "and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith."  Genuine saving faith in the soul is the presence of the following Biblical reality,  "I yet not I but Christ which liveth in me" Gal. 2:20.

     If one possessed all the accumulated science  and technology, wisdom and genius of humanity, it would still be infinitely insufficient to produce the least degree of genuine saving faith.  Genuine saving faith is based on, and grows in, God's word.  Faith understands that there is but one source of all eternal realities.  It is the Living Word, which is revealed by God's Spirit through the written word-The Holy Bible.  In other words, what God says is absolute and eternal reality.  Our present life, and all the relationships and material realities of this life is at best temporary.  Our existence is temporary with invitation and opportunity to believe and receive the eternal.  So Beloved, for all who possess the gift of the Faith of Jesus their only reality are the commands, instructions, and promises of God, which is the Word of God.

     Faith is not based on perverted human imagination.  Faith is founded on a thus saith the Lord.  If God said it or promised it, then faith is absolutely confident that this is reality no matter what the appearance or the existing present material realities may be.  God declares in Rom 1:17 that, "the just shall live by faith,", and this faith springs forth from faith, and leads to more and greater mature faith.  From infancy to full Christian maturity it is by faith from first to last.

     In Hebrews 11:1 the word defines what the saving faith of Jesus is, it says, "faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."  Beloved, though invisible, Faith is still the substance and evidence of what we have not seen or experienced yet.  God said it, therefore it is reality though not yet materialized.  Hebrews chapter 11 and James chapter 2 reveals to us that genuine faith always works.  In all cases it brings into the soul the righteousness and eternal realities promised by God.  It may or may not bring deliverance from some trial that may threaten our temporary possessions and life.  This chose, our Saviour and Father, who loves us, will make according to His will, and what is best for us and for all the on-looking universe.  And this one thing is certain, and that is, the promises of a new body and eternal life in a new heaven and earth- which is the home of the Person of the Godhead bodily, is our final and eternal rest and reality.

     Faith is a gift of God which is one of the fruits of the spirit.  Gal 5:22.  Beloved, the genuine faith of Jesus that saves is something that must be experienced.  Intellect and theory, no matter how keen and true, can never produce what must be imparted by God within.  Any soul that does not have the faith of Jesus  cannot fully understand what it is.  It must be experienced.  One may have a sound sounding theory of faith, and the theory may be true, but if they do not have the Living Word living in their soul, and the written word resident in their mind and heart, they have only a form of godliness with no power.  Genuine saving faith is the channel through which the power of grace flows, and thus we are new creations constantly growing and maturing in reflecting the character of the God of love.  If there is no change in the life, if there is no complete obedience to God's law of love; if there is no living the self-denying self-sacrificing life of Christ; then there is no saving faith - the faith of Jesus in the soul.  Genuine faith always works righteousness and purity, self-denial and self-sacrifice in the life of its possessor.  Faith experienced, is faith that is the living Christ dwelling within, who declared in Matt 28:18, "All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth."

     Through faith we have our connection and union with God.  But the Bible says in Heb 11:6, "without faith is it impossible to please  God."  That is why in Rom. 14:23 God declares, "whatsoever is not of faith is sin."  Beloved if one does not have faith they do not have Jesus, and if they do not have Jesus, all that they feel, think, do and say is under the influence and control of evil and the Father of evil - the Devil.  Thus Ephes 6: 14-18 commands us that we must put on the whole armour of God, but "Above all, take the shield of faith wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked."  Beloved, faith standing on the promises of God, and living within in the Person of Christ, has the power to quench all the attacks of the enemy on all who are saved.  We have power to say no and resist all lust and sin. We are no longer slaves to any sinful habit or occasional evil practice.  We are saved by faith alone, through grace alone, in Christ alone.  This is more than talk and profession, it works, it recreates, it justifies, it sanctifies, and it will glorify.

     The proof that you have the faith of Jesus, and it is more than just talk and profession is that your life is a constant reflection of the life of Christ who lives within.  The proof is that you are obedient to God's law of love.  The proof is you have the power of God controlling your life.  If these are absent then so is the faith of Jesus that saves.


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