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The Love of Many Shall Wax Cold 


          For those of us who undoubtedly believe in the thinking and wisdom of God as revealed in the Bible, certain issues that are matters of controversy in the world today are understood and settled in our minds.  The Bible plainly in Ps 127:3 states "Children are an heritage of the Lord; and the fruit of the womb is his reward."  Conception and the formation of a human life in the womb is God's work in spite of the fact that He uses natural means.  In fact in Ps 139:13 the Holy Record records, "For you did form my inward parts, You did knit me together in my mother's womb."  Amplified Bible.  The classic example and revelation revealing this reality is the conception of "Emmanuel which being interpreted is, God with us" Matt. 1:23.  In verse 20 of Matthew chapter 1 it is written of Mary the mother of Jesus "that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost."  Beloved, here is the relevance; Jesus, as all other human beings, are God's creation, and are human beings from conception before they are formed.


 The mystery of iniquity at work using technology developed by so-called experts, scientists, and specialists have made the Word of God void by their wisdom and science falsely so-called.  Professedly wise, fallen human beings have totally discarded the Word and prerogatives of the Infinite One, and have declared that a distinction must be made between embryos and fetuses.  Still they destroy both through legalized abortions.  But they use this distinction between embryos and fetuses to justify stem  cell research.  The Devil promised Eve in Eden that if she should choose to disregard God's Word she would know both good and evil.  We are today more than ever progressing in the technology and science of the mysteries of iniquity.  Unfortunately, mankind is learning of more evil than good, but are deceived in believing that their complex applications of their ever increasing technologies are great progress for the good of humanity.


          In order to justify destroying human life in the name of progress, so-called experts debate when life truly begins.  By confusing a clear issue, mankind are now sophisticated murdurers through abortion and stem cell research.  To make the matter ten-fold more iniquitous, mankind has chosen to presume to assume the prerogatives of God in defining when a life is a life.  Then they take the liberty of killing human beings in the name of research and medical progress, using the legal system to authorize the killing of innocent defenseless human life.  How does God view this?  Does mankind care?  What judgment will be laid upon the guilty who promote and practice this inhumanity against humanity.


          Let's consider a few of the facts.  According to medical science an embryo is a developing human being from conception until about 8 weeks.  A fetus is a developing human being from 8 weeks until birth.  The embryology textbooks plainly teach that an embryo is a human being.  Yet, in order to side step this basic reality the argument is used concerning embryos, "they are human, but are they human beings yet."  You see, scientists have learned to extract and use the cells contained in human embryos and feed them the proper mix of chemicals, manage them, and keep them growing and replicating in a petri dish.  It has opened up a vast field promising lucrative new drugs therapies, and cures for major maladies.  Make no mistake here, the major driving force of this embryo and stem cell research is the potential and promise of billions of dollars gained, and a recognized title of having been a pioneer in some great medical discovery.  Yet, this is clothed in the noble and worthy arguments of finding cures for our major killer diseases. 


          It is all so clearly hypocritical.  Its a basic tenet of all ethically grounded medical research that you don't harm or kill one human being in order to benefit another.  Because embryonic stem cells come from embryos, one has to end the embryos potential to become a person in order to obtain those embryonic cells.  In clear plain words one has to kill it!  Yet, the wisdom of wicked wise men seek to justify their murderous practice by debating the question when exactly does life begin?"  Science and medicine has presumed to play God by stem cell research, human cloning research, and abortion.  We kill by the millions the innocent unborn, and deny the unborn their God-given right to life, so that we can keep alive and healthy those who have had their opportunity to live and who in many cases destroyed their own health and life through their choices.  And this is said to be research and progress with a potential that would make it criminal not to take advantage of.  This all is done by a process of taking embryos which are unformed living humans and harvesting their cells which amounts to nothing less than killing a person.  Men are truly wrong and playing God when they presume to assume the job of determining moral value in persons in different phases of developing life.  Even in fetal tissue research, there could not be substantive lucrative on-going research without abortions-which is out right murder.  Embryos and fetuses are viewed not as human beings, not as fellow innocent human forming babies and beings to be protected, but as commodities over which scientist must do quality control.


          There is no regard for human life.  Mankind argues the death penalty for a mass murderer; but then passes laws to legalize abortion (murder), and further supports this murder with tax payers' money.


          The Holy Record declares in Matt. 24:12 these words of revelation, "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold."  We are living in the fulfillment of these words.  Law makers and medical science have united in sophisticated murder of our unborn babies.  Those who should be the protectors of the people are the leaders in a sophisticated form of moral depravity.  The obsession to control, manipulate, and end life among so-called experts is a direct fulfillment of 2 Tim. 3:13 which declares "Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived."  Most of these men are driven by their evil nature and their insatiable desire for fame and fortune.  Why don't these experts have the same drive to spend their time, efforts, money and expertise on the living poor, homeless, sick, imprisoned, elderly, education, and our children.  No, they spend untold billions for selfish reasons which they clothe in apparently noble worthy garments.  When any new medical break through is accomplished why is it that it in all cases cost so everlasting much?  It is because it is all  motivated by the desire for fame and unparalleled riches and not for the good of humanity.  That's why they practice inhumanity to accomplish professed good for humanity.

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