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Your Personal Responsibility 

                                 Your Personal Responsibility

            Why have you been created? Were you created just to earn a living and make money?  Was it  just to survive, or  just to be happy and enjoy pleasures?  Or, is it simply just to suffer and have hard times?   Every thinking human being ought to investigate these questions until they have found the irrefutable and absolute answer!!

            Before we go any further in our declaration, first, let it here be stated for the record that when one embraces the true reason for living, that individual is ready and willing to die for that reason because they have found the eternal hope.  The truth is, if you have not yet found something worth dying for, you have not yet found anything worth living for!  Are you looking for something more?  What is it and how can you find it?  

            Now, let us here consider a reality of human nature.  And this reality is true of and applicable to every individual on every continent upon the face of the earth.  And the reality is this; all human beings want to be special!  Everybody wants to be wanted, loved, respected, needed, recognized, and important. Everybody wants to have his or her place.  People do not want to be ignored, hated, abused, slandered, condemned, unwanted, and unloved.  All Mankind have an innate desire to be special, to be great, to be the best at something!  We all have the natural longing to be fulfilled; this is a universal reality.  Is this wrong?  It can be, but if correctly directed and employed, it can and will be the launching pad to discovering your special place in the universe.

            Let it be proclaimed today, that the reason for living - the reason you have been created is to fulfill your preordained place in the universe which was preordained by God Himself form eternity.

            Having stated the foregoing introductory truths, it is now eminently imperative that the foundation of our declaration be laid, - that which is the epitome of all eternal reality and truth.  Make note here friend, that the truth here proclaimed is of such importance that upon it lies your eternal destiny, in fact, the eternal destiny of every member of the human family.   First we must all recognize that there is a God - the CREATOR, and, it is possible to know GOD intimately.  We must understand that there was only one combination that could have produced you in your mother's womb.  Though there were millions of possibilities, only one seed out of the multiplied millions of available and possible seeds could have made you.  It was at that point that GOD Himself chose you to be formed and take your place in His universe.

           Understand that God is eternal and all His purposes and creations are eternal.  Therefore, if you will but receive it, and not reject it, God has a special, eternal throne of rest for you in His universe.  So why are you alive?  Why have you been chosen to be created and formed in your mother's womb?  The eternal truth is because your Father, your God, and your Creator especially chose you personally to fulfill your designated preordained place in His universe

            There is a definite universalism inherent in what is being said here.  For the reality in truth is every individual on the earth is of immeasurable and infinite worth in the reckoning of God.  In your God and in your Creator alone, your highest potential can and will be, not just reached but surpassed.  Wisely choose my friend to give yourself to your Creator so that He can enhance and enable you to be all you were created to be; and then give this blessed position and condition back to you, in the light of the life and wisdom and power of the Infinite One.  THIS is a fundamental universal and eternal truth, and it applies to every member of the human family in every nation, kindred, tongue and people. 

            Let it be declared today to all mankind that for the overwhelming most part this universal truth we do not know. We as human beings have lost something.  The sad part is we do not realize we have lost anything.  In our modern age of ever advancing technology we have countless improved means, but they merely lead to unimproved ends.  We need something.  We have got to come to see that we as mortal human beings are in need.  We need something!  We need something more than this world can offer.  A little earlier it was pointed out that all human beings, of every nation, kindred and tongue and people, innately have a need to be special, to be recognized, to be loved and to have their special place.  But the creature, apart from the Creator, or man in rejection of His Maker and Father has in his being, or in His soul a void - He has a longing - He has a need.  Because human souls are disconnected in spirit, in attitude, in mind, in heart, thus in lifestyle from the Lifegiver, they are ever seeking to find something to fulfill this void, that they might live in the experience of fulfillment.  Humanity has got to accept the reality that we have lost something.  This also is a universal reality.             

            This declaration is proclaimed to every nation, kindred, tongue and people, not in the spirit of the Black Race, nor in the spirit of the Caucasian Race, nor in the spirit of the Mongoloid Race, but in the spirit of, and on behalf of, the human race.  All mankind is one family, and we can no longer look at this reality as an unnecessary appendix to our life and peace. The truth is, whatever affects one directly, whether individual or nation affects all mankind everywhere indirectly.  We are all a part of the great whole.  What every part and every member of the great whole of humanity needs is union and communion with their Creator and Father.  Here is how and where every part and member will resolutely find his or her specific and preordained occupation for eternity.  

             We live in an age where the vast majority of mankind imperceptibly and unconsciously lives in credulousness.  The individuals that make up the masses will not stand for their personal convictions, but contrarily, will yield to the practices of what the majority says and does.  Additionally, the individuals that make up the masses will not stand for their personal convictions because it would create uncomfortable situations that make demands for a decided change in lifestyle.  With every passing day mankind is becoming more and more without moral force, indecisive, irresolute and weak.  Therefore, it is imperative that a Loud Cry begins to resound throughout all the earth, declaring to every nation, kindred, tongue and people that mortal man's ultimate allegiance is to his Creator.  Not to the government, not to human laws, not to his occupation, as important as these things are, not even to ones wife or husband or children; mortal man's ultimate allegiance is to his Maker and Father.             

            The world needs unity and brotherhood.  The universality of this proclamation promotes unity upon all the earth for all mankind; yet, our message does not teach or promote unity and brotherhood at all cost; or unity and brotherhood by whatsoever means necessary, but rather, we declare to all the world, that unity and brotherhood must be established upon the foundation of Truth.  If truth must be sacrificed in order to gain apparent unity and brotherhood then let there be disunity and even war.  Not physical war, but war between the principles of error, falsehood, deception and the Truth.  What mankind needs is the character unity and brotherhood that is founded on and grounded in the TruthPlease understand here that unity and brother established on any foundation of error, like distrust, hatred, and deception, etc. is but the ally of war and destruction.  One cannot come to a correct end by way of incorrect means.  One cannot arrive at truth through error and lies.  True unity and brotherhood, never marched in wearing the shoes of lies and inevitability, rather, true unity and brotherhood must and will always march to victory wearing the shoes of Truth           

              This brings us back to the core of our message, which simply stated is, humanity if truly united with the Creator will as the natural result be united to one another.  This is true because the motivating principle of real truth - pure truth - Godly truth is LOVE.  Real truth, which is pure truth works by Love.  As mortal man unites with his Heavenly Father, love becomes the principle of all action and thought.  Love is the sole motivating factor, and Love is the only weapon used.  Love is the rule of truth and life.  Because of this love - which is the indwelling presence of God, the main object in life is not to be happy, it is not to be rich, it is not to be influential, but the main objective in life becomes to do the will of Love - which is the will of God, by serving, helping, and blessing your fellowman.            

               Truth can be used constructively or destructively.  Truth is eternally used constructively when in the control and confines of love.     There is a well-known saying which in actuality is an eternal and absolute truth, and it comes from the most reliable source.  It declares "you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free". John 8:32  This declaration goes forth as a loud cry into all the earth; "for the spirit of the Lord is upon me because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised.  To preach the acceptable year of our Lord."  Luke 4:18          

          Let it be echoed by a Loud Cry throughout all the earth that there is a GOD -- our CREATOR.  We individually must know God personally because it is His eternal will for His creatures.  You have a predestined, preordained place that you should fulfill.  You must choose to accept and receive your place.  God the Creator created mankind in His own image.  You are called to be an Ambassador of truth, representing GOD.  Will you not accept the high honor of being the representative of the Creator?  Your position and status could be and should be a son or daughter of the Infinite Father of Truth.  You have a cause to live for which is a cause to die for.  You have a message and a cause that will outlive and abolish death.  You have a tender Father and Creator and Savior who loves you with a love that is stronger than death.   

           For the lack of this message the whole world perishes.  We can never know with great specificity exactly what our future in this world may hold, but we do know that which transcends this reality because we know or can and should know the ONE who holds the future.  And we know, our ultimate end is revealed to us in the Last book - the Omega of Holy Writ - the Book of Revelation.  It proclaims "The kingdoms of this world, are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of His Christ; and He shall reign forever and ever."  Revelation 11:15  Through knowing God it is your job to labor to bring the Kingdom of God to this earth.  Oh what a mission and what a privilegeJust think, you are to bring to this earth an eternal kingdom in which dwells your Creator in which you will live and rule your sphere of the universe for eternity

           We have a hope - a blessed and lofty eternal hope.  You have a cause to live for.  So come on and get about your Creator's business.  You are a member of a Royal Family, yea, even the Family of God.  You have been created and chosen to represent God and labor until you personally hear the words recorded in the Revelation of Holy Writ, "I heard a great voice out of Heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people, and God Himself shall be with them, and be their GOD".  Revelation 21:3    


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